Whereas the parties record that the discussions pertaining to the disputes have been productive, and the solutions were influenced by the best interest of the child and whereas the parties unequivocally affirm the critical role that educators play in the provision of quality education.

And whereas the parties affirm the importance of collective bargaining which brings together the collective wisdom of teachers and education personnel in improving employment conditions

And further, whereas the parties are agreed that the dispute must be resolved swiftly in order to bring stability in the system of education and to promote collaboration.

  1. With regard to the rural allowance, the Department of Basic Education Agreed that the Administrator in the Limpopo Department of Education to withdraw Circular no 117 of 2012 and rescind the decision taken therein. The issues will be referred to the PELRC for substantives discussion with the unions.

  2. The Department of Basic Education will support the initiative of achieving parity by the Department of Public Service and Administration on an urgent basis. The parties may use the dispute resolution process underway in the ELRC to finalize the matter.

  3. Allegations of corruption leveled against the Director General and other officials of Department of Basic Education shall be referred to the Public Service Commission by the DPSA. These matters shall be investigated and dealt with diligently as a matter of urgency.

  4. The DBE will immediately investigate and attend to norms that may not have been paid to schools in Limpopo.

  5. The DBE with the support of the provinces will provide the infrastructure plans and projected timeframes on school buildings, water, sanitation and electricity across all provinces to all unions through the respective PELRCs to monitor the execution of the plans within a reasonable period of time.

  6. The aspect of the markers will be dealt with by a task team made up of representatives of the unions and the DBE, who will seek to resolve the disputes within an agreed time frame by all parties

  7. The parties commit themselves to optimal collaboration in enhancing and improving quality education.  

  8. The DBE with the support of provinces and when made available will provide a management plan for the delivery of all LTSM to school to the PELRCs.

  9. SADTU shall, in the light of the collaborative spirit of resolving the disputes, suspend all work to rule and other actions which may impede the quality learning and teaching and ensure stability in the education environment.

  10. All other areas of concern will be dealt with in the ELRC or any other forum agreed upon between the parties.

  11. The parties resolve to work together to give true meaning and purpose to education as an apex priority.