Free State Provincial Executive Committee press statement release

15 October 2011


The Provincial Executive Committee gathered on the 15th October to map a way forward to advance the gains, aspirations and needs of members in general and society at large in the context of national democratic revolution en route to socialism. We have robustly engaged ourselves on the functioning of both the Union structures and the state of the alliance in the province in moving forward to centenary celebrations of the existence of the African National Congress in 2012 and beyond. The meeting has therefore decided on the following matters.

State of the Alliance

That we shall continue to play a unifying role as part of the working class in our movement which is so currently divided by capital in the form of tenders, corrupt activities and ill discipline by some individuals. We are mindful of the fact that these acts have a potential to defocus the movement from the real challenges of service delivery, unemployment, poverty, disease and the gains broader National Democratic Revolution.

That we shall ensure as we move towards elective conferences of our movement align ourselves with the principles of organisational discipline and culture of the movement and also abide by the resolution taken during our recent Congress to continue to support the current leadership of the ANC until decided otherwise by its constitutional structures in the coming year of 2012. We shall at no stage allow our revolutionary union to be coerced into supporting any faction deeply embroiled in tenderpreneurship, other parasitic primary accumulation and corruption, but to advance revolutionaries who will be able to unify and advance our struggle to the next phase of revolution.

That we condemn anti-revolutionary actions displayed by some members of the Youth League when they demonstrated their support through burning the faces of our leaders, the flags and more so throwing stones at Luthuli House thus undermining the unity, cohesion and revolutionary culture of our movement. We will in defence of the heart and soul of the ANC fight side by side with the alliance partners and MDM formations to purge these new groupings which uses our same colour, language and even raise the same flag with us whilst working against ourselves in pursuance of their agenda, these will be done through intensive political work to conscientise our broader society and members in particular on ideological intention of NDR.

Solidarity with neighbouring Teacher Unions

We take pride in our continuous international relationship we have with Lesotho Teachers Trade Union which culminated into jointly celebrating the recent World Teachers Day in Lesotho and other organisational programmes.

This relationship has been built on the strong foundation in sharing experiences on educational, political and socio economic challenges facing both trade Unions, hence our support for the initiative of reopening colonial boarders to allow citizens a free movement between these two countries without passports.

Education Overview

Whilst we remain committed to the principles of Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign, we shall continue to engage the department of education to address challenges that seek to undermine departmental policies and regulations.

We have further resolved that regions should engage the district offices to address educational challenges at that level and also to resuscitate Education Alliance in regions, branches and province. We have strengthened our decision to visit schools on re-opening every January to monitor their readiness by extending it to the last term of the year.

Our transformation agenda should be extended to all FET institutions by ensuring that we deploy leaders in councils who will on regular basis account to the Union.


In strengthening our recruitment drive and improving service to members the PEC has resolved that all PEC and REC members should visit at least one school every month, and further lobby other Alliance partners to be part of such visits. That organising teams at all levels should be resuscitated and be given recruitment targets.

Emphasis was made for structures to draw programmes that will enhance unity and cohesion of members at all times.

Labour Issues

The PEC welcomed the launch of Teacher Laptop Initiative which will be rolled out on the 29th October to twenty educators in the province, but noted the slow pace in which this matter is being handled by the department.

We have noted the challenge of placing excess educators in schools and we call for the proper management and monitoring of the processes of identification and transfer of such educators.

Sports, Arts and Culture

The PEC called on structures to convene regional Choral seminars and establish branch choirs in preparations for the regional, provincial and national eliminations in 2012.

Compiled by Provincial Secretariat

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