Tell Pearson: Every child has a right to a free, High-Quality Public Education

A group of 100 major international pension funds, labor unions and concerned shareholders-the "Pearson 100"-have joined together to TELL PEARSON to end its ruinous commitment to high-stakes testing and the privatization and segregation of schools in the developing world.

In a misguided attempt to push its test-and-punish strategy, Pearson has sought to contractually restrict teachers` rights to speak out and has been monitoring kids` comments on testing on social media. In Africa and Asia, Pearson is plowing millions into private schools to create new markets for its products. Parents and students have had enough-they`re "opting out" from Pearson tests and letting governments know that Pearson isn`t welcome.

As the world`s biggest education conglomerate doubles down on its failed strategies, the "Pearson 100" have filed a shareholders resolution that will be debated on the floor at the Pearson annual general meeting on April 29 in London.

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