SADTU supports the President of the Republic

2 March 2016

The South African Democratic Teachers` Union welcomes the 225 to 99 (69%) vote of confidence in our President delivered by Parliament yesterday.

We note that this is an even greater proportion of expressed confidence in President Zuma than the 62% victory of the African National Congress in the last National General Election, nearly two years ago.

We are proud of the able leadership of Gedleyihlekisa Jacob Zuma, ANC President, and President of the country. We have been proud to support him and we will proudly continue to support him.

The DA`s mistake, among others, is to display its miserable lack of confidence in a Black President, for all to see.

The DA`s fear and loathing of Black majority rule remains the same as it always was, in all of the racist component parts of this "fight-back-against-national-liberation" conglomeration.

These components include nearly all of the white minority parties of the 20th Century: SAP, UP, NP, PP, LP and DP. We will not be surprised to find elements of the HNP and the CP in the DA, as well.

The DA has once again given public notice that it is a party dedicated to the return of the apartheid past, even down to the display of a few "honorary whites", like Mmusi Maimane.

As SADTU, we stand by our ANC leaders, and we have many of them. President Jacob Zuma is typical of the generation that achieved our national liberation from rule by the components of what is now the DA, and who then stepped up to begin the work of reconstructing the nation.

In this regard, SADTU agrees with everything that Comrade Lindiwe Zulu, Minister of Small Business Development, said in Parliament yesterday.

As we continue to fight for revolutionary professionalism, and for People`s Education for People`s Power, the teaching of revolutionary history in schools, and the full and proper use of all of the official languages and mother-tongues of the country, we are gratified that until 2019, there is an outstanding ANC cadre in the highest office in the land - Jacob Zuma.

Under Comrade Msholozi`s leadership of the country, SADTU will continue to do its best to uphold and increase standards of pay and conditions of its members, and to observe the national days set aside for remembering the past. No theatrics by the DA or by any other party is going to change that.

Issued by:
SADTU Secretariat