SADTU supports COSATU`s call for a one-day strike on 7 October - International Decent Work Day

27 September 2016

The South African Democratic Teachers` Union (SADTU) fully supports the call by union Federation COSATU for a one-day strike on the 7th of October 2016, during the International Decent Work Day. The Day serves to promote among others; fair income and security in the work place, conducive and productive work environments. The strike will highlight the following issues:

  • Demand the total banning of the labour brokers;
  • Demand the scrapping of the e-tolling system including the expensive toll gates;
  • Fight in defence of our Jobs and against retrenchments;
  • Demand the implementation of the Legislated National Minimum Wage;
  • Fight to defend and protect our Collective Bargaining Agreements;.
  • Fight for compliance with Occupational Health & Safety Standards in all workplaces;
  • Fight for the implementation of the NHI;
  • Fight for the scrapping of the Taxation Amendment Law;
  • Demand free basic public education and prohibit profit making by edupreneurs;
  • Demand for the payment of 0,5% pay progression to ensure parity in the public service;
  • Demand the payment of rural and other incentives;
  • Demand the formalisation of conditions of employment of Grade R practitioners;
  • Demand sanitation in all schools as part of decent work;
  • Demand the implementation of Free Higher Education for the poor, focusing on the missing middle(teachers, nurse , police etc);
  • Demand an Education Tax directed at business to pay for higher education as the primary beneficiary of our education system;
  • Demand government to expedite the discussion and conclude on the Government Employee Housing Scheme.

SADTU members are united in support of the Decent Work Agenda and will paint all the cities red on the 7th of October.

ISSUED BY: SADTU Secretariat