SADTU stands firm that any process must be fair, transparent and credible

15 April 2015

The South African Democratic Teachers Union, following an invitation by the Minister of Basic Education and our numerous requests to be afforded an opportunity to consider the final report of the Ministerial Task Team on the job-for -cash scandal, has today submitted its comments to the Task Team.

The comments are the first leg, as per the Minister`s process, which required SADTU to make comments by 15 April, 2016 and to make representations by 29 April, 2016.

The comments cover a wide spectrum of issues raised both during the investigation and since the leak of the interim report and the Minister`s press conference.

SADTU maintains its position that it fully supports the investigation and condemns, in the strongest terms possible, any action by any person which may lead to irregularities appointments.

However, SADTU equally stands firm that any process must be fair, transparent and credible. To this end, we reiterate our position that we shall object to any aspect of the investigation which undermines the human and constitutionally guaranteed rights of our members.

As per the Minister`s letter inviting SADTU to comment and to bring to the attention of the MTT any of its members who are implicated in the report, SADTU has done so and we urge members to give their full cooperation in this regard to ensure a fair outcome.

Despite the fact that SADTU had previously unsuccessfully approached the MTT with a view to obtaining a copy of the report and to seek clarity on certain aspects and the fact that the MTT had previously referred SADTU to the Minister who has now referred SADTU back to the MTT, SADTU will despite this, continue to give its full cooperation and ensure that the rights of its members are fully respected as this process is being finalised.

SADTU however, regrets that certain matters forming the subject of the report have already been actioned. These include the publication of the South African Standards for Principalship. We record that despite the fact that this affects
the conditions of service of our members, the Minister has not deemed it necessary to consult in the Education Labour Relations Council on this matter. It is regrettable that the Minister continues to act unilaterally and further strain the already tenuous relationship between organised labour and her department. SADTU will however, through the agreed structures and processes, address this matter and exercise its rights accordingly.

SADTU has been accused of embargoing the South African Council of Educators (SACE) investigation report into irregularities in appointments. We reject this with the contempt it deserves and challenge those who make these allegations to provide evidence of SADTU having done so.

SADTU also wishes to make it clear that it will not allow suggestion and innuendo to be used instead of hard facts and evidence to support the allegations made. In this context SADTU will not accept generalised allegations.