SADTU in the North West is Perplexed and saddned by the killing of a teacher by a learner

13 September 2018

The South African Democratic Teachers' Union in the North West is shocked and saddened by the death of a teacher who was allegedly stabbed by a learner. We condemn this barbaric and criminal act in the strongest terms. We call on law enforcement agencies to fully investigate the matter and for strong action to be taken against the learner.

The incident apparently happened at Ramotshere Moiloa Secondary School in the Zeerust area. It is alleged that a 17-year-old Grade 10 learner stabbed the teacher to death. It is sad to note that this happened whilst the learners were still engaged with their preparatory examinations.

As the Union, we have long been calling on the Department of Education to ensure safety in our schools and for parents to play a central role in the education of their children including their discipline. We expect our schools to be free of drugs and weapons that can endanger the lives of both the teachers and learners.

We reiterate our call for the Department of Education to address safety concerns and for Police to do random searches in our institutions. Further, we urge communities to take their rightful place and defend schools and teachers as violence against these institutions leads to the regression of society.

As we approach the National Congress of COSATU which is due to take place next week, we are going to ensure that the Federation resolves once more on the safety of Public Servants (teachers, police, nurses and other public servants) in their line of duty.

This teacher's death is a loss to the profession, his family and the society at large. We express our sincerest condolences to the family and the school for this untimely loss.

Issued by: Secretariat


Provincial Secretary: George Themba 071 385 4659
Provincial Deputy Secretary: Masaele Cindi 082 809 0064