SADTU North West media statement on the MTT Report

18 May 2016

"Am I the Employer by law or Jurisdiction?" SADTU asks.

The SADTU North West Provincial Working Committee in its meeting, held on the 16 May 2016 noted with a debilitating discontent, the conduct by the Ministerial Task Team in collaboration with media on the alleged Cash- For - Post myth. The recurring conduct by this Team and the Department of Basic Education (North West Superintendent General) seeks to undermine our hard earned democracy with its democratic dictates. SADTU North West observed over the weekend, the untold myth that made rounds in the media reports regarding the MTT`s Final Report reflecting that:

  • Its members and leadership are elevated to higher positions in the department amidst inadequate qualifications
  • That such false deployments of SADTU members to senior positions sky- rocket to the tune of more than 85%
  • They are reserved positions at the expiry of every three years of their leadership cycle
  • Powers of School Governing Bodies are taken for centralization in the Senior Management of the department

This, in our view is a clear misrepresentation of facts. We want to once more reiterate that SADTU leadership at all levels with its entire SADTU population has said the selling of the posts and any irregular transaction in the recruitment process is unhealthy. It was to this end that SADTU committed herself to cooperate with the MTT and any authorised legal body in probing the realities around this saga.

If what the media reported represent squarely, the submission by the Department of Education through her Superintendent General, then our education system in the province is not safe. The PWC submits, with legitimate responsibilities entrusted upon legitimate officials, SADTU that is not empowered by any legal provision to appoint, is alleged to have the ability to secure more than 85% of its members to senior staff positions un- procedurally! This represents the declaration of the "Motion of No Confidence" by the Department against herself.

These submissions are very disturbing and amounts to tarnishing the image of not only SADTU as the organization but the education system itself. The Provincial Working Committee is of the view that these moves are not free from political inclination meant to undermine democratic formations and their processes.

The South African Schools Act accords to the School Governing Bodies the power to spearhead the recruitment processes. We cannot appreciate and agree to the department that violates this significant legal provision.

SADTU North West holds that there are still long outstanding challenges requiring speedy attention by the same department that to the contrary has vowed to launch an attack SADTU`s character. Such challenges include inter alia:

  • Stringent Post Provisioning Norms and Standards
  • Provision of the Rural Allowance to qualifying teachers and schools
  • Continuous casualization of temporary teachers e.g. 4438 temporary teachers who face the plight of uncertain future
  • Irregular and haphazard payments of such teachers and an endless list of challenges

The Provincial Working Committee has thus resolved as follows:

  • That the MTT, DBE, the North West Superintendent General and media refrain from malicious tactics to de- legitimise SADTU`s objective of existence
  • That SADTU National office take this matter through legal route should the MTT fail to adhere to fair rules of justice
  • That the Superintendent General in the North West rebuts the submission he is alleged to have made in the MTT Report and media
  • That failure by the DBE through her SG in the province to rebut such submissions will amount to her accepting the report as true hence a need to provide evidence
  • That such failure leaves SADTU in the province with no option but to embark on the Protest Action and Work To Rule Programmes in order to enforce the retraction of this canard

The department and her SG must be warned that our patience as SADTU regarding their conduct is not limitless. SADTU is tired of being provoked.