SADTU in Limpopo condemns irresponsible and desperate electioneering by political parties targeting schools in the Province

29 January 2016

SADTU Limpopo Province has noted with serious concern that some political parties are visiting schools and addressing during school hours encouraging learners to boycott classes, burn municipal property, Departmental Circuit offices and schools demanding additional teachers, buildings and water provisions.

Whilst the Union supports the demands for additional teacher provisioning and infrastructure development, we condemn any barbaric, irresponsible intimidating and desperate actions of disrupting schools and the burning of state assets.
It becomes clear that there are some political parties that are desperate to win local government elections and are prepared to do whatever it takes to plunge the country into social, economic and political instability. This has happened in areas around Mookgophong, Blouberg, Seshego, Vhembe and Mashashane-Maraba.

We call on communities to remain alert and urge School Governing Bodies and Principals to refuse to be intimidated by these thugs. They must never allow any political party to disrupt schools and address learners, especially with intentions to burn state property.

School Governing Bodies and Principals must always know where to direct their needs and complains and never surrender to any intimidation or empty promises that these political shenanigans are making. Whilst we note and support the immediate resolution of school demands such as teacher provisioning, infrastructure development, provision of water and electricity and learner/teacher support materials, we cannot surrender these genuine demands to political thieves whose intention is to score cheap political points and appear to be heroes. These political parties are desperate for votes and unfortunately schools are their immediate easy targets.

Nothing will ever convince us that the education of our children must be disrupted for political electioneering purposes despite the gravity of the demands. Communities must begin to stand together, fight this evil-charged political desperation and not allow anybody to disrupt our schools.

Prepared by SADTU Limpopo Province Secretariat