SADTU Kwazulu Natal statement on the appointment of the new Head of Department: Dr Ev Nzama

4 October 2016

SADTU KwaZulu Natal welcomes the appointment of Dr Enock Vusumuzi Nzama as the new Head of Department in the province. SADTU is convinced and hopeful that in him there is capacity to deliver towards the realisation of the vision of the Department of ensuring the provision of quality public education in the province. His qualifications and the experience he gathered over the years will assist him in his new responsibilities.

Dr Nzama, as the person who has been with the department for quite some time, knows all the challenges that the province is facing. SADTU wishes to remind him that his success will also depend on how he works with all stakeholders including unions. The department of education is the biggest with thousands of workers and equally so the challenges are also huge. The importance of stakeholder engagement remains critical. Of importance again is for him to unite workers and officials around the main goal of the department. It is our view as SADTU that currently the department is unstable and hope that he realises the need to bring stability in the department.

As SADTU we wish to remind him that:

  • Rural incentives remain a burning issue.
  • Reviewal of PPN is more than necessary.
  • Implementation of ELRC decisions is the cornerstone for labour peace.
  • Improvement of results in the province remains critical.

Dr Nzama must understand that SADTU supports and strives for the provision of quality public education; we do this through many interventions and programmes. Having said that, Dr Nzama must not make a mistake of thinking that SADTU will expose her members to exploitation, harassment and unfair labour practices by the department and its officials. Our relationship with the employer continues to be cooperative and confrontational. We will continue to raise issues sharply and if needs be will sometimes meet in the streets.

SADTU invites all officials, teachers, SGBs and student formations to rally behind the new HOD and give him the space and support to implement the transformation agenda. Lastly, SADTU takes this opportunity to thank Adv. Masuku for the sterling work he did as the Acting HOD and we hope he will continue providing all the necessary support to the new incumbent.


Provincial Secretary
Nomarashiya Caluza

DEPUTY Provincial Secretary
Bheki Shandu