SADTU Gauteng notes the Glenvista High School forensic investigation report and the disruptions at Roodepoort Primary School

11 August 2015

What is happening at Glenvista High School is part of the legacy of apartheid misrule which compartmentalised the education system along racial lines. This balkanisation was deliberately created to direct more resources to suburban and predominantly White schools.

These schools were left to handle their financial affairs including determining their own individual policies, thus creating a laissez faire environment.

Many Former Model C schools still operate the same old way despite the new legislation and policies which regulate all schools introduced by the democratic government.

The practice of irregular appointment of School Governing Body (SGB) educators and other personnel and payment of bonuses and stipends to educators and SGB members is still prevalent in Former Model C schools. The latter continue to charge exorbitant fees despite their huge investments.

These practices perpetuate the inequalities of the past, especially as they pertain to conditions of employment of personnel in the Department of Basic Education. The SGB appointees reduce the workload of educators employed in these schools leaving those stationed in township schools with huge workloads. Further, educators and SGBs who work extremely hard in township schools do not receive additional bonuses and stipends from their schools.

Whilst we agree with steps pronounced by the MEC for Education Panyaza Lesufi, we call on the Department to pursue equity and redress in dealing with these maladies. We also call on the Gauteng Department of Education to conduct similar investigations in all Former Model C schools.

The Union is dismayed by continued disruption of teaching and learning at Roodeport primary school. This, despite the Gauteng Department of Education’s (GDE) positive response to allegations levelled against the Principal by certain individuals. The allegations were subjected to an independent investigation by a credible institution and the report cleared the Principal of any wrongdoing. This report was shared with all stakeholders in the school.

We characterized this as a racist attack and urged those involved to refrain from such backward behaviour but they did not stop. We also requested educators to do their work despite continuous threats and exposure to risk to their lives and they complied despite the difficulties.

The latest developments of petrol bombing, a stranger entering the school premises with a gun and police intervention today to escort departmental officials leaves us with no other option but to call on the MEC to close the school and urgently find alternative safe placement of educators and learners of Roodepoort Primary School.

Issued by:
Tseliso Ledimo - Provincial Secretary: 0824594737
Dudu Nkosi - Provincial Deputy Secretary: 0824594743