SADTU Congratulates the Newly Elected Leadership Collective of the NUM

07 June 2015

The South African Democratic Teachers Union would like to congratulate the newly elected national office bearers of the NUM. The newly elected leadership collective came as a result of the NUM`s national congress which was extremely successful in our view.

We believe that the new leadership under the guidance of Cdes Matosa and Siphunzi is a sign of the democratic principles that COSATU affiliated unions ought to be guided by at all material times. The federation faces challenges that require a strong and united NUM to provide it with leadership.

It is our view as SADTU that the new leadership collective will go a long towards consolidating the gains of the workers at the time when the NUM is confronted by unprecedented challenges in the mining sector.

We want to take this opportunity to pay our gratitude to Cde Frans Baleni, the former General Secretary of the NUM for steering the ship when our detractors had already written the obituary of both the NUM and the federation COSATU. He provided leadership when it was most needed and we believe that the new collective as led by the Cdes Matosa and Siphunzi will take the baton and continue with the work that has been started.

The current challenges in the federation require united affiliates that will ensure that the principles of organizational discipline, democratic centralism, the respect for internal democratic processes and the supremacy of its constitution remain at the epicentre of its operations. As one of the founding unions of COSATU, the NUM is best placed to advance this agenda and we believe that post its national congress it is well on its way towards doing so.

It is only with a united NUM that we can reach our strategic objective of "one sector, one union". This is one of the founding principles of COSATU, one that has ensured that the federation reaches its 30th year of existence. We are confident that the newly elected leadership collective will assist the workers of this country to ensure that a federation built on their sweat and blood remains united and continues to wage a relentless war against their exploitation.

The manner in which internal democracy was allowed to reign supreme in the NUM`s national congress indicates that this is a union that is serious about serving its members, a union that we are proud to be associated with. We want to vehemently declare our support for the new leadership collective, we have a tough task ahead of us as we defend our federation from political opportunists and vultures. We can confidently state that with the NUM by our side, victory is certain!

Issued by:

SADTU Secretariat