Progress on the issue of non-payment of temporary teachers in Limpopo and other matters

9 September 2016

The Limpopo Primer`s office has been concerned about SADTU`s pickets and calls for a protest march and strikes over the non-payment of salaries of temporary teachers. The Office convened a meeting between SADTU, Limpopo Department of Education and Provincial Treasury. The meeting was attended by all MEC`s of the concerned departments.

The meeting agreed on the following framework in an attempt to break the impasse:

  • All outstanding payments for about 269 temporary teachers should be covered for Persal run on Wednesday, 14 September, 2016 and usually the payments will reflect in the teachers` personal accounts after four days which is around 20-21 September 2016.
  • All other outstanding payments such as IQMS, PMDs, housing allowance, improved qualifications, acting allowance, etc should be paid before the end of September 2016. The two departments would set up a task team to handle any obstacles in an attempt to expedite the process and the Union shall be provided with progress reports.
  • About 1 705 temporary posts have received approval from Treasury for the Limpopo Department of Education to extend contracts for these teachers.
  • Appointments for promotional posts and other vacancies will also be considered for transfers starting no later than the end of September 2016.
  • The Premier`s Office has been urged to expedite relaxations of some areas of Instruction Note No.7, especially those that had negative unintended consequences, during the Provincial Exco seating on 14 September, 2016.

It is against this background that the Union`s programme of action involving a protest march, disengagement and strike, is halted whilst monitoring the implementation of the above mentioned decisions.