Ministerial Task Team report has no credibility

28 March 2016

Leaking it was a deliberate act

The South African Democratic Teachers Union in the Northern Cape want to join its National Leadership in questioning the credibility of the Ministerial Task Team (MTT) report on the so-called "jobs for cash" scandal.

We want to put it that the leak of the interim report was a deliberate act by those who regard SADTU to be a threat to their plans to capture the education system.

As SADTU Northern Cape we will leave no stone unturned in our attempt to protect the gains of our union as a representative of teachers in this country.

Denying us an opportunity to engage the report before its publication was not a mistake, but a well calculated attack on our integrity as a union of professionals.

Our union is committed to a corruption-free Department of Basic Education and will cooperate with the department to root out corruption.

However, we cannot be guided by general statements, emotions and common sense.

Our detractors are not neutral

Education is not ideologically neutral. Education systems impart certain values while rejecting others. Our detractors do not share our values and are now employing underhand tactics in an attempt to derail us, led by the Democratic Alliance.

To the Democratic Alliance Blacks are inherently corrupt, hence SADTU as a predominantly Black union is corrupt to them. Any association of blacks is viewed by them with suspicion. They want to use the MTT as a proxy in their racist political war.

The DA wants to repeat history by bring about regime change using education, just as their ancestors used education to colonize us.

The reluctance of the Professor to respond to numerous letters from our National Office, to get clarity on some of the issues raised in his interim report, is to us a clear indication that he was appointed with a mandate. This mandate was clearly to deal with the image of SADTU and to attack our integrity. That is evident in the report as only SADTU is mentioned as if we the only role players in the sector (we are the biggest, not the only).

In conclusion

We do not have posts to sell, and if the department does not have the ability to deal with its own matters, they are opening themselves to be captured. They must know that opening the windows for fresh air might allow unsavoury elements to enter.

The fact that SADTU is now the scapegoat confirms that the department has serious challenges.

Our alliance (through COSATU) with the ANC, SACP and SANCO, as captured by OR Tambo, is not an accident of history or a marriage of convenience. Our alliance is a living organism that has grown out of struggle.

For that reason, no Minister, no Professor and his Task Team, and no amount of insults will stop us doing what is right and just.

We shall stay true to our theme:

"Restore the Character of SADTU as a Union of Revolutionary Professionals, Agents of change and Champions of People`s Education for People`s Power in pursuit of Socialism"

SADTU in the Northern Cape says:

"No to corruption, no to selling of posts, No to racism by DA.

"Charge those who are on the wrong side of the law! Don`t use SADTU as a scapegoat!"

Issued by SADTU, Northern Cape