Media Statement on burning/torching of schools in Vuwani

7 May 2016

SADTU Limpopo hereby expresses frustrations and confusion of its members and learners in Vuwani areas due to the burning of their schools.

It is unthinkable, that whilst we are engaged in campaigns demanding building and improvement of schools, some other people decided to burn the few available schools which remained our hope of the development of our communities and society. In our view, no amount of anger or frustration for the demand of community service or municipality can cause a community to burn a school. We find no connection between the two except criminals who hijack community demands for their narrow selfish personal interests.

The Union therefore calls on all other communities to stand on their toes and protect their schools against these criminals` acts discourage anybody to target schools for advancing any social demands. We urge Vuwani community to use all other peaceful means to advance their community demands.

The Union will participate in all endeavours organised by NECT (National Education Collaboration Trust) and department to assist those affected learners to catch-up with the lost time and enable them to face examination with confidence without their future being one year delayed. Parents are urged not to trade the future of their children because of their immediate social demands. SADTU encourages all parents to do everything possible to work with all who want to ensure that the education of their children is not disrupted.

SADTU calls on Limpopo Department of Education to act with a sense of urgency to ensure that systems are put in place to assist affected learners so that no time is lost beyond what has already happened.

Prepared by SADTU Limpopo Province Secretariat